Cherry Hill is located in Los Angeles, California

About The Cherry Hill Company

We have been creating websites for its clients since 1995, when we were invited to create and deploy the first California State Library website. Subsequently, we have gone on to create over one hundred websites and web-based applications for our clients using a wide variety of technologies. We are committed to open source development, and to bringing our clients the best results within limited budgets.

Our Team

  • President
  • User Experience Designer
  • Chief Financial Officer
  • Founder
  • Chief Technology Officer
  • Data Migration Specialist
  • Senior Developer
  • Lead Trainer
  • Developer
  • Senior Designer
  • Project Manager

What's New

a packed room at DrupalCon Los Angeles for the Drupal 4 Libraries BoF
We enjoyed the Drupal 4 Libraries Birds of a Feature at DrupalCon Los Angeles! The room was packed, and many...
Rain Breaw Michaels / May 30, 2015
DrupalCon Los Angeles 2015
Cherry Hill is excited about DrupalCon Los Angeles next week! Check out some of what we are doing, and where...
Rain Breaw Michaels / May 4, 2015
Screenshot of Flexible Colors Save Preset Administrative Form

Create color presets for a site so that users or administrators can easily change color properties without...

Tommy Keswick / May 1, 2015
How I got a taxonomy term referenced by Entity Reference through a Field Collection to meet a Context...
Tommy Keswick / January 16, 2015